You and I

You and I Swaying to the wind Sand under our feet Hands entwined Dancing to our own tune of life. You and I Traveling the world Making memories in our heart Filling home with souvenirs Roaming the world, finding new homes. You and I Riding unknown paths Chasing down dreams Smile on our lips Happiness in … More You and I

On my wall <3

What did I do for 27 long years? THIS. Lots of love to my friends who traveled with me to all these places. And more love to people who sent (and still keep sending) me postcards. I absolutely love receiving postcards. Stopping two minutes to pen down few thoughts and manually mailing the postcards is such … More On my wall <3

On my shelf <3

What do I do on a rainy afternoon? What do I do when I am bored? What do I do when I need to escape reality? What do I do that gets me engrossed like nothing else? I Reaaaaaaad! :D Because I love  reading. I love books. I love the smell of books. Even now, … More On my shelf <3