On my wall <3

What did I do for 27 long years? THIS. Lots of love to my friends who traveled with me to all these places. And more love to people who sent (and still keep sending) me postcards. I absolutely love receiving postcards. Stopping two minutes to pen down few thoughts and manually mailing the postcards is such … More On my wall <3


Today was just another lazy Saturday. Having got back from a long and EPIC trip in Goa and still experiencing the Goa buzzzzzz, all my dreams these days are just about Goa. Today afternoon was no exception. I was napping and I dreamt that I was on the beach, when it started raining. The endless sea and … More Rain

hAppy SpAce

I had a bout of headache few days back. I am getting headaches too often these days, maybe I should check with the doctor to see if something is growing on my brain. Anyway, that is not the point of this post. So, I was all in pain and was snapping at everyone in sight … More hAppy SpAce