You and I

You and I
Swaying to the wind
Sand under our feet
Hands entwined
Dancing to our own tune of life.

You and I
Traveling the world
Making memories in our heart
Filling home with souvenirs
Roaming the world, finding new homes.

You and I
Riding unknown paths
Chasing down dreams
Smile on our lips
Happiness in our heart.

You and I
Sharing quiet moments
Enjoying the silence
Letting life pass us by
Making the journey at our own pace.

You and I
Under bright sunshine
Under rain and snow
Under the dark sky
Gazing at the stars.

You and I
Hitting a roadblock
Plunging in darkness
Facing hard times
But finding our way back, to each other.

You and I
Pushing the boundary of reason
Finding the light in every season
Figuring out life as we know it

You and I
Clearly different, but
Strangely similar
Belonging together


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