On my shelf <3

What do I do on a rainy afternoon?
What do I do when I am bored?
What do I do when I need to escape reality?
What do I do that gets me engrossed like nothing else?

I Reaaaaaaad! :D
Because I love  reading. I love books. I love the smell of books. Even now, I prefer going to old book stores in Bangalore and picking up copies of books rather than buying online. I never buy online until I have looked for it in Blossoms.

I think, like many other kids, the first books I read were of Enid Blyton. All summers were spent living near the Wishing Tree or solving mysteries with Famous Five . High school phase had me experimenting with a range of authors like Jeffrey Archer, Arthur Hailey or John Grisham. I did try out some good old classics during college. Fantasy fiction has remained my favorite genre, Harry Potter being the eternal favorite. (I don’t think I will ever get bored of reading Harry Potter :))

I started exploring more in the last couple of years and thanks to my friends from other continents, I have managed to read really good books written by authors from Turkey, Middle East, South America and other places and I have enjoyed them all.

My list : my books on goodreads

My book shelf in my room (shown below) does not do justice to the number of books I have read so far, as most were borrowed from libraries or friends. But, I am making a conscious effort now to buy and save the books that I read and also the ones that I have loved reading in the past. I hope to have a big collection one day. :)



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