Summer feels

I have always wondered about this question: Would I find it easier to tolerate/survive extreme heat or extreme cold? It is too difficult to answer though. The heat brings out the physical frustration and anger in me and makes me wanna punch someone ; while the cold brings in mental gloominess that makes me wanna curl up inside the quilt and not wake up till my beloved sun comes up.( I believe what the Beatles say : Here comes the sun, and it’s alright!)

Bangalore is blazing. Right now, at 36 odd degrees, I am wishing I was in sitting at office in the AC than in my room with hot air from the fan. I see my nieces and nephews have their summer holidays except that they don’t. They have a couple of days off until they have to run off to extra classes for next year or tuition or camps or something that will prevent them from having a normal holiday. It is so sad. I remember my summer holidays. Three months of doing nothing. I never studied for next year nor attended any kind of tuition (till 11th, when I went to IIT tution routine). When in primary school, most of my holidays were spent at Grandparents’ house. The huge house with a huge swing and a cashewnut tree in the backyard. My cousins and I would pluck the cashews and burn them and eat them. My grandma would prepare my favorite “shavige” from a big wooden equipment.
And doing this!

I stopped going to the village as I grew up. Most holidays later were spent in Tumkur with my cousin brothers or just here in Bangalore. It kinda used to get sad during holidays without a sibling at home, though it got better with time with all the friends I made. There were many kids near my house and we would get together and play Badminton or Lagori or Lock and Key and Ice Pice. My other favorite game used to be Chowka bara. :D
Highschool summers were filled with meeting friends, going and eating “lollies” or watching movies at a friend’s place. But most of my time was spent in reading books. #Books #Eternallove
I could spend days pouring over books. I had a library membership outside and at school and by the time I graduated school, I had finished most of Enid Blyton, Sidney Sheldon, Jeffrey Archer, Arthur Hailey, Erich Segal, R K Narayan and of-course the Eternal Favorite Harry Potter. Anyways, my books and my bookshelf deserve a separate post on its own.

I might not like this heat or the sweaty-Me so much but there are still things that make me like summer. Mangoes and Tati-ningg (I have always been teased by friends at how I pronounce this :P) They are these little transparent floating goodness filled with icy sweet water. Oh yum! (Check the image below)


Something fun I read :

Something fun in my head : Arrey Chaddi pehenke Phool Kila hai..

Arrey chaddi pehen ke phool kila hai..phool kila hai :D :D


2 thoughts on “Summer feels

  1. As though the summer’s not horrible enough you want to remind everyone of these and make them miserable? :P
    I’m surprised how much similar the summer holidays were for most Indian kids. At least for the 90’s kids. :-)

    PS: Have you ever eaten the cashew fruit? It is as good as it is bad. Only when I grew up did I come to know that they made alcohol from it and it’s called feni. :D

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