In the pursuit of….

Wind in her hair, and sand under her feet
she stood on her own
gazing deep into the valley below!*
she stood pondering
looking for something
always looking for something

what is the point?- she called out to the cosmos
what is the point of life?

All around her people stumbled along
always looking
some looking for money, some success
some love and some peace
and some just wanted to get by
but most of them were like her
not knowing what they were looking for
and neither did she.

We are told to follow the path, followed by all
First comes education and then comes job
Money might tag along
and so might love(for a chosen few)
We are told to keep on striving
and keep on going when things get tough
but why? she wanted to know
why should I go on
in this mindless, endless struggle.
what is it that awaits me?

Happiness? Are we all in the pursuit of happiness?
Just going on in the hope of being happy someday?

What made her happy… she wondered
It was a tougher question that she had thought
There were a multitude of things
but all of them were like tiny happy pills
gave her few shots of happiness
before the sadness engulfed her again
Some people made her happy,
but people always left
Reading made her happy,
but the fiction always ended
Traveling made her happy,
but she always had to come back home
and she didn’t know where ‘home’ was anymore.
No matter what made her happy,
happiness was always a temporary visitor

She shivered at the realization.
There was nothing awaiting us at the end of the tunnel
It was the journey itself
just small small moments  each day,
that made up life!
moments that we ignored
moments that got lost in our pursuit of something,
and what is that something, none of us knew

She couldn’t stand there much longer
confusions and heartbreaks and monotony and questions beckoned her from behind
With a sigh, she shifted her gaze from the valley!*
and returned back once again to the journey that had to be taken
still oblivious to what she was looking for!

*this song!


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