Today was just another lazy Saturday. Having got back from a long and EPIC trip in Goa and still experiencing the Goa buzzzzzz, all my dreams these days are just about Goa. Today afternoon was no exception. I was napping and I dreamt that I was on the beach, when it started raining. The endless sea and the rain- it was breathtaking. I just stood there alone, soaking in the rain staring into the sea, totally lost in the beauty and serenity of it. But, I woke up in my room with sweltering heat outside.

But surprise! Bangalore got jealous of all the attention I am giving Goa and decided to entice me by throwing in some showers in the evening. It was lovely. I spent the evening sitting on the swing on my balcony, watching the rain, listening to music and getting evocative (so much so that I decided to write after so long).

So yeah, I am one of those people who love rain. I know, traffic is worse, driving is difficult but I still cannot not love rain. I love the smell of wet mud, riding/walking in the drizzle, watching it from my balcony/office window while sipping hot tea, playing in it.. Rain has always been very evocative for me. It makes me nostalgic, it makes me ponder, it makes me smile.

I remember the rainy days when I was in school. I used to ride a bicycle to school then, and it used to be a lot of fun riding in the rain while stopping in between for gaadi churmuris. I also used to have a garden behind my house, where I would run off to jump up and down and dance, everytime it rained. It would always end with mom’s delicious pakoras ofcourse. College days brought in more fun memories for rainy days. I remember playing Lagori and football and Lock and Key (:D) and what not in BMS while it rained. We would sit at Nescafe place later, sipping tea and having amazing conversations. It would also always end with delicious bajjis behind BMS. Karnataka gets too pretty in the rain. Having cousins in Malnad region has made me travel to beautiful places like Coorg, Chikmaglur, Kuppali, Jog falls all of it which is so lush green and pleasant in the rainy season.

When I was in Europe, the only time I used to feel homesick (which was almost never :P) was when it rained. Barcelona rains were crazy, lashing out and breaking all my umbrellas but still every time it rained, it would remind me of Bangalore and home and mom’s food. But then, Barcelona was super alive and rocking even when it rained. While living in Belgium though, I think I got fed up because it used to rain aaaal the time and I desperately wanted the sun back. The hot chocolate and hot wine and fun friends made up for it though.


Amidst all the feelings it brings out in me, sadness is one too. I have always felt a tiny void in my stomach. A tiny pang wanting to be with someone, a craving to spend that moment with that someone who can make me smile more than the rain does. But alas, I guess I choose to be in love only when it is bright and sunny. Nevertheless, I kinda like that feeling too, its a sweet-sad feeling. Oxymoron, I know!

Anyway, boring Saturday brought in some smiles for me and another post to my blog. I wish to relive the afore mentioned dream though, I love the sea and I love the rain and I would love to see the combo sometime. Ending with the two songs I have been listening to a lot, this evening. :)


2 thoughts on “Rain

  1. While you were dreaming of the rain and beach, I was in Ooty that day when it rained. Rain, misty mountains and a roller coaster of a ride through the ghat sections. It was fun. :-)

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