hAppy SpAce

I had a bout of headache few days back. I am getting headaches too often these days, maybe I should check with the doctor to see if something is growing on my brain. Anyway, that is not the point of this post. So, I was all in pain and was snapping at everyone in sight and was desperately trying to sleep. This was proving impossible, so I tried to think of a happy place (every shrink in every movie I have seen keeps talking about this ‘happy place’ you can float away into). Well, I thought I would give it a shot. So I just closed my eyes and let my mind find its happy place.

It wasn’t easy. I kept thinking of things that needs to be done, things at office, random stuff and because I wasn’t finding a happy place, I started freaking about that also. But then, came in a list of places. The first one that popped into my head, and rightly so, was BMS.2014-11-09 20.16.33BMS college was my home away from home. That place has given me so many memories, so many awesome moments, such great friendships and so much happiness. BMS has a charm of its own, a certain magic that just captivates you, encompasses you and it just blows you away and it continues to do so for me. Of course, any place becomes significant because of the people and the people I met, and the friends I made are the reason that BMS has such a special place in my heart. My four years of college life couldn’t have been more memorable. Every time I visit it (which is actually a lot!), I am still hit by a tinge of nostalgia, and it makes me happy and sad at the same time. And even as I am writing this post, with stream of memories running through my head, I am smiling ear to ear but not before its followed by a sad nostalgic sigh.

The second image that came in was of Barcelona. I louuuve Bangalore but, man o man, Barcelona stole my heart away.
2014-11-15 18.33.39I made it my home so fast and with so much ease, that it actually surprised me. The people, the food, the places, I just loved every bit of it and the fact that I was living on my own and making new friends and exploring the place made it even more remarkable. Bcn brings home a lot of memories, it was while living there that I actually grew up as a person, became self reliant and independent ; it was there I started to discover more about myself ; did a lot of new things ; discovered my love for traveling and on the way made a lot of friends from all over the world. Many images come into mind when I think of Bcn. The university campus. Specific streets that I love. Lot of favorite food places and bars. Tapas and Cava. The parks, where we used to have picnics. The steps near Maria Cristina. Montjuïc hill, which was one of the first places I ever visited. The beach with our self organized Botellons. Fosters, our frequent hangout place. But mainly I miss RESA, my hostel where I had the most fun. Saying goodbye to Barcelona was one of the hardest things that I have done.

Many others made into the list. The lake in LLN, Belgium where I began to enjoy solitude, be it walking along the lake or reading a book, or just sitting by it enjoying glühwein. My second home or my Latino home all the way over in beautiful Cochabamba city in Bolivia. My room here in Bangalore, where I can be amidst my books and postcards and pictures and guitar and my very cozy quilt. My car that I bought grudgingly, but actually ended up buiding nice memories in it that include loong drives, loong talks, crazy singing sessions and a lot of fun stuff. Being a South Bangalore hudgi, I somehow don’t feel at home at any other part of the city and wherever I go, I keep yearning to go back. But lately, an exception to this has been this boring little concrete area called Belandur, that I didn’t even know existed till a while ago (:P) but it has definitely become one of my favorite happy happY places.

All these helped, but the thought that finally got me to smile blissfully and sleep was SPACE.
I imagined myself floating away in space, looking at earth, looking at the other wonders of our universe, appreciating the sheer vastness, appreciating the sublime surroundings, applauding the creation, experiencing serenity, soaking in everything : the disbelief, the awe, the joy and experiencing sheer bliss. I felt peaceful. I fell into a slumber.


4 thoughts on “hAppy SpAce

  1. I honestly thought you’d finish it up with a comment on the moon :) You kind of did, but I was expecting it to be very clear ^^ I hope you haven’t outgrown it or Neil would feel sad :)

    Your happy places seem very nice and I’m glad you mention several of them in chronological order. It appears to me that you’ve made peace with that ghost that always chases you when one leaves a city. And the fact that the list includes recent events certainly makes me grin for you :) Keep finding happy places, chiquita. Because those places wouldn’t be half as special for us, your friends, without you :)

    1. Juankiiii…Noo, I can never forget that beautiful moonlit sky and Neil. :D Yeah, I wasn’t explicit enough when I wrote that I guess :)
      I am still making peace with that ghost. Bcn is hard to forget, because of all the wonderful people like you who made it soo special for me. Muchas Gracias ^^
      Wishing you a lot of happy places too. Besos besos para tiii..

  2. Ha. I predicted most of them. Although I thought you’d be more specific when you said space, like Moon or Mars. :P
    Aaaand BMS, Bangalore, Barcelona, Belgium, Bolivia and Belandur. You like places starting with B. :D

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