The Big Bang

Ho! Ho! Ho! Dec 21 is finally here. I know, I know, we have had enough of the doomsday hoopla, but don’t worry this post is not gonna be a debate against the Tv9 guruji and rest of the people.

This post is about how surprised I am that I am actually rooting for it to happen.  No, I am not a 79 year old super cool, sexy woman who cannot bear to look after another grandchild of hers (oh yea that would be me at 79!) and No, I am not suicidal and No, No I am not mad either (my mother hasn’t had me tested, but well it’s my blog and my word does it for ya!). I am still figuring out life and deciding what I wanna do or be but somehow I have no problem if the earth has had enough and wants to call it quits. After all, the entire world has really become that crazy place. Nothing is so simple and uncomplicated anymore. Wars, anarchy, genocide, corruption, violence, power, and don’t even get me started on the patriarchal society I live in. You name it and I think we have reached the peak of all of it, way too high to come down now.  But anyway I don’t want to go too social or political about the whole thing because my friends already titled me the ‘Ra’s al ghul’ of the Gotham city when I expressed my opinions :P But I strangely enough have realized I would not want to fight or whine if we all go down down. So it all comes down to one question, do I really wanna live long enough to see people living alongside cyborgs? Okay wrong question, I totally would want to do that!:D

Nonetheless, it did make me take a look at my bucket list, to see how much has been completed and how many more were left to go. So lets go..

-Own a pet dog: Wait for it my golden retriever, I will get you home soon.

-Drive around the streets of Bangalore alone in my scooty pep in the middle of the night. If u were born in India, you would be told time and again not to do it, and that kinda pushes me to want to do it.

– See Messi. Okay fine I put this on the list after catching a glimpse of him: P

-Go to a Concert where Paul McCartney sings all Beatles songs. Would love the whole band to be there but that would be kinda spooky.

-Learn to Tango. Wanted to learn ever since I saw  ‘The scent of a woman’. My Latino friends did try to make me – the ungraceful, possessor of two left feet self- move but in vain.

-Travel travel and travel more.

-Read as many books as I possibly can.

-Walk on the beach on a moon lit night with a man whose eyes match that of the blue-green ocean ;)

-Live alone: Done dana dan dan! successfully completed two years  in countries where people barely spoke English. There you go mom, I did not burn the house down as u had dreamed of! :P

-Get a job where i just have to travel the world, eat all exotic dishes and comment on it. The fat dream :D

-Scuba diving/bungee jumping. I do not know of what I am more afraid of: water or heights. So I wanna try both and find out.

-See aurora borealis/ diamond ring during solar eclipse. Being an amateur astronomer, there is nothing more awesome than sighting a rare celestial treat.

–Drive a lamborghini. Yea and before that, I should learn driving!

-Visit all the seven wonders. Five more to go.

-Adopt a baby girl: I don’t know if I will get married, I’m definitely disinclined now. But either ways I want to do this and raise her as a strong independent woman who wont have to get tied down by any silly society rules and customs.

-Go trekking in the Himalayas.

-Go to the moon. The ultimate one! I don’t think I would ask for more after this.

– Finally if the world is really gonna end, I do want to see something spectacular like the Andromeda hitting us, or a supernova explosion with aliens waving at us or something super extraordinary.

We all started off with a big bang, but will we all go down that way too?!


3 thoughts on “The Big Bang

  1. Well, ah, umm, if not for the travelling to the moon, its pretty much similar to, everyone else’.? Its 20th today, we have not yet seen any bright objects in the sky, so no Andromeda. Sun still has around 60% of hydrogen left, so no Supernova for a pretty long time. And if earth’s magnetic poles are gonna reverse, it should have started by yesterday. Very bad. The world’s not ending.

    And. Richard Branson is planning for a commercial space flight in the next few years. So 55yrs from now, when you are super cool, sexy woman who cannot bear to look after another grandchild of your’s. If the tickets are affordable and if I’m alive. Maybe we should plan for a trip to moon..;-)

  2. Hey future sexy old lady!

    Amazing bucket list! So great you’ve achived some of the items. I’ve got some comments for you …

    – Please shower your dog :P I recently met the first odourless dog and it was amazing! I couldn’t stop playing with it ^_^

    – Why would u like to drive around alone? Yes yes .. if it’s forbidden, it’s desirable but don’t u think (if u place yourself in a situation in which you’ve achived it) that you will simply end up roaming around alone and that’s it? Instead!!! Tweak it a bit, take me on board and ensure my safety … that’s a challenge for you considering you have to balance almost 100Kg sitting behind you :P

    – Messi … and now you have him in all sizes too ;)

    – C’mon two-left-feet … you use them pretty well. I hereby certify that you failure conclusions are completly delusional.

    – Keep travelling! Just an idea … random idea … Colombia? hmm totally random! :D

    – Well, you do have time to read now. Don’t waste it :)

    – Go for it… :)

    – Is your mom really reading this? Hi Mom! Is she? If she isn’t I’m really making myself a fool here. Wait … you didn’t burn a house down? u sure? :P

    – Hey! If u find that job, enrol me in! I’ll mail you my fat CV ;)

    – You’re not afraid of water. I’m sure of it. And heights … c’mon you’re chiquita. You’ll probably sway with the wind currents as you fall down ;)

    – Well, come back to Europe. That trip is still on, no? Let’s do it!

    – You don’t need to learn how to drive in order to drive a lamborgini … at least that’s what Need for Speed has taugth me. Am I right? But just in case, in this one, I’d watch from a safe distance :)

    – Which ones have you seen?

    – Oooh Baby Shru … she’s got quite a mom waiting for her :)

    – See? not afraid of heights either! You’re all bravery material !! Just remember to fluff yourself up before going to such cold lands :)

    – Hey! I know of someone out there who tried to take u there. He’d be very sad if you just forgot about it or just did not count it as a trial. It might have not been the exact bucket list item but … u know … it’s all relative.

    – Agree agree agree … let’s kick some alien asses while the supernova burns our atmosphere curropted by the ashes of a flaming meteor falling straight to the center of the ocean where a huge tidal wave will rise against all the humanity! he! ^_^ … may the Lord have mecy on those poor aliens >:)

    In a unrelated topic … Wanna tango today? ;)

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